Primary Contributors:

  • John A. Marohn (JAM; Cornell University;
  • Ryan P. Dwyer (RPD; Cornell University)
  • Eric W. Moore (EWM; Cornell University)
  • Sarah R. Nathan (SRN; Cornell University)


The authors acknowledge salary support from the following funding sources:

  1. The Army Research Office grants DMR W911NF-12-1-0221 and MURI W911NF-05-1-0403 – JAM
  2. National Science Foundation grants DMR-1309540, DGE-1045513, and DMR-1006633 – JAM, RPD
  3. National Institutes of Health grants R01GM070012 and F33GM105241 – EWM, JAM
  4. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship – SRN
  5. Cornell University – JAM, RPD, EWM, SRN

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